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Hardrock, Blues

Carmine Appice: drums
Tim Bogart: bass
Rusty Day: vocal, harmonica
Jim McCarty: guitar
Peter French: vocal
Duane Hitchings: drums
Werner Fritschings: guitar
Ron Leejack: guitar
Albhy Galuten: keyboards

Kapela po Vanilla Fudge

CactusPokračovatelé Vanilla Fudge a Detroit Wheels. Bogart a Appice hráli později s Jeff Beck po názvem "Beck, Bogart & Appice".



Cactus - Discography


Cactus - 1970

Parchman farm; My lady from South of Detroit; Bro. Bill; You can't judge a book by the cover; Let me swim; No need to worry; Oleo; Feels so good






Cactus - One Way Or ..Another - 1971
Long Tall Sally; Rockout; Rock 'n' Roll Children; Big Mama Boogie; Feel So Bad; Song For Aries; Hometown Bust






Cactus - Ot And Sweaty - 1972
Swim; Bad Mother Boogie; Our Lil Rock-N-Roll Thing; Bad Stuff; Bringing Me Down; Bedroom Mazurka, Telling You; Underneath The Arches






Cactus - Restrictions - 1972





Cactus Cactology - 2001 Sampler
Evil; Parchman farm; You can't judge a book by its cover; One way or another; Alaska; Long tall Sally; Let me swim; Bro.Bill: Rock'n'roll children; Song for Aries; Restrictions; Oleo; Feel so good; Rumblin' man; Bad stuff; Parchman farm(Live)




Cactus Fully Unleashed
Intro/Long Tall Sally; Bag Drag; Evil; Parchman Farm; Alaska; Oleo; No Need to Worry; Let Me Swim; Big Mama Boogie Parts 1 & 2; Medley: Heebee Geebees, Money, Hound Dog, What I'd Say; No Need to Worry; Parchman Farm; One Way Or Another; Bro Bill; Swim; Bad Mother Boogie; Our little Rock'n'Roll Thing; Bedroom Mazur



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