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Pete York - Superdrumming 1

Superdrumming 1

Superdrumming 2
Superdrumming 3
Pete York - bio/discography

1. 08.02. -20.02.1987  Ulm

Superdrumming 1
Volume I

I Got Rhythm; Laid Back Heart Attack Tango; Body Moves; Disco Dance For Draft Dodgers; The Hawk Talks; Killer; Don´t Step In It; Collapso, Calypso; Can You Dig It; Ian´s Shuffle; Caravan

Superdrumming 1
Volume II

Threezenuff; Pots And Pans; Life On The Road; Ritual Magic; Beating The Bronze; Calypso X; Locked In; Programme Changes; Dance With The Devil; Skin Deep

Superdrumming - bicí:

Gary Brown

Lionel Ritchie, Stanley Clarke

Disco Dance For Draft Dodgers, Can You Dig It, Life On The Road, Calypso X, Locked In

Nippy Noya

Peter Maffey, Eric Burdon

Bad Moves, Ritual Magic; Calypso X

Simon Phillips

The Who, Kate Bush, Mick Jagger, Toto

Laid Back Heart Attack Tango, Don't Step In, Beating The Bronze; Programme Changes

Louis Bellson

Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie

Laid Back Heart Attack Tango, The Hawks Talks; Caravan, Skin Deep

Cozy Powell

Whitesnake, Jeff Beck, Emmerson, Lake & Powell

Killer; Pots And Pans; Dance With The Devil

Ian Paice

Deep Purple, Paice, Ashton, Lord

Ian's Shuffle; Threezenuff

"The All Styles Band"

Brian Auger, key; Wolfgang Schmid, bass; Peter Wölpl, guit.; Gerd Wilden, keyb


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