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James Gang

James GangRock

Joe Walsh - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Tom Kriss - bass
Jim Fox - drums, keyboards
Glen Schwartz; guitar
Dale Peters; bass
Dominic Troiano; guitar
Roy Kenner; vocal
Tommy Bolin; guitar 

JGZaloženi v roce 1966 v Clevelandu Foxem, Krissem a Schwartzem. Roku 1969 Roku 1969 Schwartz skupinu opustil a byl nahrazen Joem Walshem. První deska "Yer´Album" vznikla v roce 1969. "Rides Again", druhé album, bylo nejúspěšnějším dílem JAMES GANGU, obsahovalo hit "Funk No.49".
Místo Toma Krisse přišel do skupiny Dale Peters. Vyšlo album "Thirds" a následovalo turné s THE WHO. Ještě bylo nahráno koncertní album "Live In Concert", poté opustil Walsh JAMES GANG a nahrál s EAGLES "Hotel California". 
Místo něho brnkal u "Gangu" Dominic Troiano a zpěv převzal Roy Kenner.
V roce 1973 byl Troiano nahrazen Tommym Bolinem, který po dvou albech, "Bang" a "Miami", roku 1974 JAMES GANG také opustil. To byl konec. Od roku 1976 již JAMES GANG neexistují. 

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James Gang - Yer Album
Introduction; Take a look around; Funk No. 48; Bluebird; Lost woman; Stone rap; Collage; I don't have the time; Wrapcity in English; Fred; Stop





James Gang - James Gang Rides Again
Funk *49 Asshtonpark; Woman; The bomber; Closet queen; Bolero; Cast your fate to the wind, Tend my garden; Garden gate; There I go again; Thanks; Ashes the rain and I





James Gang - Thirds
Walk away; Yadig; Things I could be; Dreamin' in the country; It's all the same; Midnight man; Again; White man/Black man; Live my life again






James Gang - Live in Concert
You're gonny need me; Take a look around; Tend my garden; Ashes, the rain & I; Walk away; Lost woman





James Gang - Straight Shooter
Madness Listen Listen; Kick Back Man Listen Listen; Get Her Back Again Listen Listen; Looking For My Lady Listen Listen; Getting Old Listen Listen; I'll Tell you Why; Hairy Hypochondriac; Let Me Come Home; My Door Is Open





James Gang - Passing Thru
Ain't Seen Nothing Yet; One-Way Street; Had Enough; Up To Yourself;Everybody Needs A Hero; Run, Run, Run; Things I Want To Say To You; Out Of Control; Drifting Gir






James Gang - Miami
Cruisin' Down The Highway; Do It; Wildfire; Sleepwalker; Miami Two-Step; Praylude/Red Skies; Spanish Lover; Summer Breezes; Head Above The Water





James Gang - Bang
Standing in the rain; The devil is singing our song; Must be love; Alexis, Ride the wind; Got no time for trouble; Rather be alone with you (aka song for Dale); From another time; mystery





James Gang - Newborn a Jesse Come Home
Merry-Go-Round; Gonna Get By; Earthshaker; All I Have; Watch It; Driftin' Dreamer;Shoulda' Seen Your Face; Come With Me; Heartbreak Hotel; Red Satin Lover; Cold Wind; I Need Love; Another Year; Feelin' Alright; Peasant Song; Hollywood Dream; Love Hurts; Pick Up the Pizzas; Stealin' the Show; When I Was a Sailor







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