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Peter Hammill

Peter HammilProgrock

Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill * 05.11.1948
guitar, keyboards, vocal

Peter Hammill - VdGG a solo

Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill založil v roce 1967 s Chrisem Judgem Smithem v Manchesteru legendární skupinu Van der Graaf Generator.

Od roku 1971 Hammill vydával vedle spolupráce s VDGG i svá sólová alba, přičemž mu doprovod v prvních letech obstarávali převážně hudebníci z VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR. Textově zpracovával svá "standardní témata" - vztahy a komunikaci mezi mužem a ženou a problematiku jejich vzájemného poznávání ...Peter Hammil
V roce 1975 se objevilo Hammillovo LP "NADIR'S BIG CHANCE", které označili John Lydon (SEX PISTOLS) a Neil Young jako první punkové album. Důvodem byly texty na obalu, kde se písně označují jako "beefy little punk songs".
Téměř každý rok vydává Hammill nové album. Často spolupracuje s umělci jako jsou například Colin Scott, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, David Gross, Alice, Moondog, Wolfram Huschke…

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Peter Hammill - Diskografie



Peter Hammill - Fool’s Mate - 1971
Imperial Zeppelin; Candle; Happy; Solitude; Vision; Re-Awakening; Sunshine; Child; Summer Song (In The Autumn); Viking; The Birds; I Once Wrote Some Poems





Peter Hammill - Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night - 1973
German Overalls; Slender Threads; Rock and Rôle; In the End; What's It Worth; Easy to Slip Away; Dropping the Torch; (In the) Black Room; Tower





Peter Hammill - The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage - 1974
Modern, Wilhelmina, Lie (Bernini's Saint Theresa), Forsaken Gardens, Red Shift, Rubicon, Louse Is Not a Home





Peter Hammill - In Camera - 1974
Ferret and the Featherbird; (No more) the Submariner; Tapeworm; Again; Faint-Heart and the Sermon; The Comet, the Course, the Tail; Gog Magog (in Bromine Chambers)





Peter Hammill - Nadir’s Big Chance - 1975
Nadir's Big Chance; Institute of Mental Health, Burning; Open Your Eyes; Nobody's Business; Been Alone So Long; Pompeii; Shingle; Airport; People You Were Going To ; Birthday Special; Two or Three Spectres





Peter Hammill - Over - 1976
Crying Wolf; Autumn; Time Heals; Alice (Letting Go); (This Side Of) The Looking Glass; Betrayed; (On Tuesdays She Used to Do) Yoga; Lost and Found





Peter Hammill - The Future Now - 1978
Pushing Thirty; Second Hand; Trappings; Mousetrap (Caught In); Energy Vampires; If I Could; The Future Now; Still in the Dark; Mediaevil; Motorbike in Afrika; The Cut; Palinurus (Castaway)





Peter Hammill - ph7 - 1979
My Favourite; Careering; Porton Down; Mirror Images; Handicap and Equality; Not for Keith; Old School Tie; Time for a Change; Imperial Walls; Mr. X (Gets Tense); Faculty X





Peter Hammill - A Black Box - 1980
Golden Promises; Losing Faith in Words; Jargon King; Fogwalking; Spirit; In Slow Time; Wipe; Flight






Peter Hammill - Sitting Targets - 1981
Breakthrough; My Experience; Ophelia; Empress's Clothes; Glue; Hesitation; Sitting Targets; Stranger Still; Sign; What I Did; Central Hotel





Peter Hammill - Enter K- 1982
Paradox Drive; The Unconscious Life; Accidents; The Great Experiment; Don't Tell Me; She Wraps It Up; Happy Hour; Seven Wonders






Peter Hammill - Patience - 1983
Labour Of Love; Film Noir; Just Good Friends; Jeunesse Doree; Traintime; Now More Than Ever; Comfortable; Patient




Peter Hammill - The Margin (Live) - 1985
The future now; Porton down; Stranger still; Sign; Jargon king; Empress's clothes; The sphinks in the face; Labour of love; Sitting targets; Patient; Flight

The second hand; My experience; Paradox drive; Modern; Film noir; The graet experiment; Happy hour; Central hotel; Again; If I could




Peter Hammill - Skin - 1986
Skin; After the Show; Painting by Numbers; Shell; All Said and Done; Perfect Date; Four Pails; Now Lover






Peter Hammill - And Close As This - 1986
Too Many of My Yesterdays; Faith; Empire of Delight; Silver; Beside the One You Love; Other Old Cliches; Confidence; Sleep Now





Peter Hammill - In A Foreign Town - 1988
Hemlock; Invisible Ink; Sci-Finance (Revisited); This Book; Time To Burn; Auto; Vote Brand X; Sun City Night Life; The Play's The Thing; Under Cover Names; Smile; Time To Burn (Instrumental)





Peter Hammill - Out Of Water - 1990
Evidently Goldfish; Not This Man; No Moon in the Water; Our Oyster; Something About Ysabel's Dance; Green Fingers; On the Surface; A Way Out





Peter Hammill - The Fall Of The House Of Usher - 1991
An Unenviable Role; That Must Be The House; Architecture; The Sleeper; One Thing At A Time; I Shun The Light; Leave This House; Dreaming; A Chronic Catalepsy; The Herbalist; The Evil That Is Done; Five Years Ago; It’s Over Now; An Influence; No Rot; She Is Dead; Beating Of The Heart; The Haunted Palace; I Dared Not Speak; She Comes Towards The Door; The Fall;


Peter Hammill - Fireships - 1992
I will find you; Curtains; His best girl; Oasis; Incomplete surrender; Fireships; Given time; Reprise; Gaia






Peter Hammill - The Noise - 1993
A kick to kill the kiss; Like a shot, the entertainer; The noise; Celebrity kissing; Where the mouth is; The great European department store; Planet coventry; Primo on the parapet





Peter Hammill - The Noise - There Goes The Daylight (Live) 1993
Sci-Finance (revisited); The Habits Of The Broken Heart; Sign; I Will Find You; Lost And Found; Planet Coventry; Empress’s Clothes; Cat’s Eye / Yellow Fever (Running); Primo On The Parapet; Central Hotel;




Peter Hammill - Offensichtlich Goldfisch - 1993
Zpívané v němčině.

Offensichtlich Goldfisch; Dich Zu Finden; Die Kälte Killt Den Kuss; Favorit; Kaufhaus Europa; Der Lärm; Oase; Die Prominenz Küsst Sich; Die Tinte Verlischt; .Auto (Wieder Im Wagen); Gaia; Schlaft Nun



 Peter Hammill - Loops And Reels 1993
(…”These are experimental recordings undertaken before the age of sampling…[ ] This was, and is, abnormal work…”)

A Ritual Mask; Critical Mass; The Moebius Loop; An Endless Breath; In Slow Time; My Pulse; The Bells! The Bells!



Peter Hammill - Roaring Forties - 1994
Sharply Unclear; The Gift Of Fire (Precursed); The Gift Of Fire (Talk Turkey); You Can't Want What You Always Get...; ....If You Haven't Got It Yet; The Headlong Stretch 1. Up Ahead; 2. Continental Drift; 3. The Twelve; 4. Long Light; 5. Backwards Man; 6. As You Were; 7. Or So I Said; Your Tall Ship




Peter Hammill - Room Temperature (Live) - 1995
The Wave; Just Good Friends; Vision; Time To Burn; Four Pails; The Comet,The Course,The Tail; Ophelia; Happy Hour; If I Could; Something About Ysabel's Dance; Patient; Cat's Eyes/Yellow Fever (Running); Skin; Hemlock; Our Oyster; The Unconscious Life; After The Show; A Way Out; The Future Now; Traintime; Modern



Peter Hammill - The Peel Session - 1995
Faint-Heart and the Sermon; The Emperor in his War-Room; (No more) The Submariner; Betrayed; Afterwards; Autumn; Mr. X (gets Tense); Faculty X; Mediaevil; Time for a Change; The Plays the Thing; Auto, Invisible Ink; Time to Burn





Peter Hammill - X My Heart - 1996
A Better Time (Acapella); Amnesiac; Ram Origami; A Forest Of Pronouns; Earthbound; Narcissus (Bar & Grill); .Material Possession; Come Clean; A Better Time





Peter Hammill - Sonix - 1996
Emmene-Moi (bare Theme); A Walk in the Dark; In the polish House; Dark Matter; Hospital Silence; Four to the Floor; Exercise for Louis; Labyrinthine Dreams; Emmene-Moi (full Theme)





Peter Hammill - Everyone You Hold - 1997
Everyone You Hold; Personality; Nothing Comes; From The Safe House; Phosphorescence; Falling Open; Bubble; Can Do; Tenderness





Peter Hammill - This - 1998
Frozen In Place; Unrehearsed; Stupid; Since The Kids; Nightman; Fallen (The City Of Night); Unready; Always Is Next; Unsteady; The Light Continent





Peter Hammill - Typical (Live) - 1999
My Room; Curtains; Just Good Friends; Too Many Of My Yesterdays; Vision; Time To Burn; The Comet, The Course, The Tail; I Will Find You; Ophelia; Given Time; Modern

Time For A Change; Patient; Stranger Still; Our Oyster; Shell; A Way Out; Traintime; The Future Now



Peter Hammill - None Of The Above -2000
Touch and go; Naming the Rose; How far I fell; Somebody bad enough; Tango fo one; Like Veronica; In a Bottle; Astart





Peter Hammill - What, Now - 2001
Here Come the Talkies; Far - Flug (Across the Sky); American Girl; Wendy and The Lost Boy; Lunatic in Knots; Edge of the Road; Fed to the Wolves; Enough





Peter Hammill - Clutch - 2003
We are written; Crossed wires; Driven; Once you called me; The Ice Hotel; This is the fall; Just a child; Skinny; Bareknuckle trade





Peter Hammill - Incoherence - 2004
When language corrodes; Babel; Logodaedalus; Like perfume; Your word; Always & a day; Cretans always lie; All Greek; Call that a conversation?; The meanings changed; Converse; Gone ahead; Power of speech; If language explodes





Peter Hammill & Guy Evans - Spur Of The Moment - 1988
Sweating it out; Surprise; Little did he know; Without a Glitch; Anatol’s Proposal; You think not?; Multiman; Deprogramming Archie; Always so polite; An imagined Brother; Bounced; Roger and out





Peter Hammill & Gus Evans - The Union Chapel Concert - 1997
Fireworks; A Forest of Pronouns; Anatol`s Proposal; After the Show; Roger and out; Accidents; Soundbeam Medley; Women of Ireland; Ship of Fools; Hamburg Station; Seven Wonders; Barber’s Adagio for Strings; Red Shift; Lemmings; Traintime



Peter Hammill & Chris Judge Smith - Democrazy - 1991
Viking; Imperial Zeppelin; The Institute of Mental Health; A Letter to the Lady; The last Airship in the World; Last Night I dreamt I played with Alfie Nokes; There’s no Time like the Present ( Unless perhaps it’s yesterday); Garibaldi Biscuits; Almost twenty-three; Nineteen-nineteen; Time for a Change; Sic Itur ad Astra; Been alone so long; Our Lady of the Losers; Alderfield; Cairo Cairo; The Concert; The Hotel Belvue Metropol Beach Excelsior; Dies Irae

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